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Gérard Bertrand
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    Domaine de l'Aigle Chardonnay

    Domaine de l'Aigle Chardonnay

    A cool-climate style Chardonnay, from high altitude vineyards in Limoux , this wine exudes finese with stone fruit, subt le oak and a smooth texture.

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    GB Cigalus White

    Gérard Bertrand Cigalus White

    This flagship blend involviing Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Viognier works like a dream with an enticing mix of nut, pear, grapefuit, peach and cream.

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    GB La Vielle Capitelle

    Gérard Bertrand La Vieille Capitelle

    A well made Languedoc red with invitingly juicy cherry and berry fruit with a hint of the region's herbal garrrique and a deft touch of oak.

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    Chateau Remaury

    Château Remaury

    Produced by Gérard Bertrand, winner of the 'European Winery of the Year' award at the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards 2011, Reamury is always recognisable by its wonderful fruit ripeness which clearly defines the style of this excellent Château wine.

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    GB Cigalus Red

    Gérard Bertrand Cigalus Red

    This classy Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot blend has a beguiling mix of black fruits, plum and cedar spice with a charming warmth and complexity.

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    GB Banyuls

    Gérard Bertrand Banyuls

    A rare gem, this is a raisiny, rich, sweet, fortified red with plenty of structure and hints of sandalwood, fig and drie d cherry.

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